This year is very important for our school. Teaching English is now possible at our centre.

(Este año es muy importante para nuestro colegio. Enseñar en Inglés ahora es posible en nuestro centro.)

This blog will show us some different activities to our pupils.

(Este blog nos enseñará diferentes actividades a nuestros alumnos).

We hope you like it.
(Esperamos que os guste).

domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013


We live on a planet called the Earth.

In the sky there are stars, like the Sun. There are planets, like the Earth, and satellites, like the Moon.

A star : the Sun

A planet: the Earth

A satellite: the Moon

Now , you can see a video about the planets. 
Click on the next image.

Why is there day and nigth?.
Click on the next image.

Why are there different seasons?

The Earth moves around the Sun

The Earth takes one year (365 days) to move around the Sun.
The Earth's axis is inclined. This means different places receive different amount of heat during the year.

This is why there are seasons:
spring, summer, autumn and winter.

THE MAP OF THE PLANET EARTH :  Continents and oceans

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